Our Story

About us

We are both mad keen bikers, even biking to Venice on our honeymoon!

Kevin passed his Motorcycle Test at 17 and has owned numerous bikes since; currently he is riding a VFR 1200.  Abby, on the other hand, had a slower start; she passed her test 7 years ago and rides a Triumph Street Triple R.  Since then, we have toured round Europe extensively on our bikes (Abby sold her old Triumph Street Triple with 55,000 miles on the clock).

After we had our son Edward, we wanted to continue to keep our petrol -heads entertained so we started looking for a B&B to call home where we could welcome bikers. With plenty of interesting, winding roads, beautiful mountains and a warm sunny climate, we have always loved it here in the Pyrenees. We found ourselves returning over and over and it was the natural place to start our search.  Having stayed at the B&B a number of times in the past, when we heard about Phil and Belinda’s departure, there couldn’t have been another house more perfect. So we jumped at the chance to purchase it and move to Vielle-Adour.

Abby and Kevin bought Pyrenees Motorcycle Tours from Phil and Belinda in 2016.  They had previously transformed the property from an unloved empty house into luxurious accommodation whilst still maintaining the beautiful original features of the house.

The 4 rooms in the large French farmhouse are available to our guests for bed and breakfast whilst Abby, Kevin and Edward live in the quaint stone Petit Maison opposite.


On holiday here 2014


On honeymoon. At the top of a pass of course ;)



Before and after the renovation