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Crawler tractor

Came across this ADN (Acieries du Nord) Tracteur type DA25 series A, no. 216 the other day while out for a walk.  It looks like it is in use and by the tools left on the track was being worked on.  Not sure what they were doing with it but possibly pulling wood out of the forest?  We have done some research but have come up with nothing on the marque.  Note the economy fan belt!

2014 T-shirt

This morning we took delivery of our 2014 t-shirts and would like to thank Trev at Starsigns in Telford for making such a good job of them and would recommend his services to anyone.

In 2012 and 2013 we offered our t-shirts for a donation to an orphanage in Malawi.  In 2012 we raised enough money to buy them a sewing machine so they could make their own clothes and also sell them in the local markets to make money themselves.  Last year, 2013, all the money raised was used to buy food for the orphans.  This year will be no different and all monies raised will go directly to Searchlight Orphan Care Malawi.

New website for PMT

Pyrenees Motorcycle Tours

Pyrenees Motorcycle Tours

A couple of weeks ago we decided we had had enough with our original website designers and host after receiving such poor customer service.  The decision was made to do everything ourselves with the help of Youtube and Hostgator, this is what we have come up with, we hope you like it.  For us it will give us the freedom to change anything we like immediately and at no cost, just our time.