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New Triumph Explorer for Tony

Tony has been a good friend for more than 10 years and has just picked up his new bike.  I rode one of these last year and didn’t expect it to be so agile in the bends and with that endless power it should prove to be a very good bike for all situations, not so sure about the off road though but it looks as if Tony has been trying that option out, fair play to him.

Here are a few pictures of his adventures with us at Pyrenees Motorcycle Tours.  First time down here was to help out with the renovation of the property, he gave us a hand with the new roof, laying of new floors on the top storey, concreting the barn and painting the house to name but a few.

When he came with his bike a Yamaha Fazer 1000, he didn’t quite make one of the corners (now affectionately called ‘Tony’s Bend’) after a visit to Lourdes and spent the evening in the hospital being stitched up but it didn’t put him off as he still managed to ride the bike home after Mr PMT had repaired it, he is still upset that we damaged his Yoshimura exhaust when we recovered the bike in the trailer.  The picture of the yellow tank is from the Fazer after the crash, note sympathetic comments written on it by his ‘friends’!  He is still a regular and welcome visitor.

He has now invested his hard earned cash into a new Triumph Explorer which will be visiting us in October along with 8 other friends!