New way to travel to Pyrenees Motorcycle Tours B&B


Bikeshuttle have announced a new route to Toulouse, an hour and half from Pyrenees Motorcycle Tours B&B.

“Ahead of its third season of transporting motorbikes between the UK and Geneva, Bikeshuttle announced that it is additionally offering Toulouse as a destination this year. It’s the perfect city location for motorcyclists wanting to ride to the Pyrenees, southern France or Spain”.

Map of Routes offered by Bikeshuttle

Destinations offered for your motorbike

You can drop your motorbike off at their Northampton depot, catch a low cost flight to Toulouse and the next day have your bike delivered.  Ready for your stay at Pyrenees Motorcycle Tours B&B.  What could be easier?

The new run starts 7 September, 2017 and will continue for five consecutive weeks with the last UK departure on 5 October.

“We’ve priced it very competitively and are just doing five runs this year to assess the level of interest with a view to offering it the whole season from 2018. It would be perfect for riders wanting to head to the MotoGP in Motorland Aragon on 24 September, or you’re just 120 miles from the Pyrenees,” says Guy Buswell co-founder of Bikeshuttle.”

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