Rebuilding the VFR (again)

On my way to Toulouse at 7am last November, I unexpectedly found myself sliding down the road, luckily the bike went first followed closely by me, no other vehicles were involved.  Once I was back on my feet a quick phone call to ‘mission control’, who was still tucked up in bed, resulted in car and trailer arriving toute suite.

Honda VFR

Unexpected parking in the ditch

Honda VFR off roading

Not built for off roading …..

Unable to push the bike out of the ditch, so Belinda towed it out while I kept it upright.

Naked Honda VFR

Naked Honda VFR, time for some ebay action!

Back in the workshop nothing that couldn’t be repaired with a tin of filler, a few cans of paint, mud guard and side panel.

New and repaired plastics

Taking advantage of some good weather to dry the paint.

Warming by the woodburner

Warming by the woodburner, for that baked finish :)

Honda VFR Pyrenees Motorcycle Tours

Colour matched panels!

Honda VFR Hourquette d'Ancizan 1564m

Looking all shiny and new, not bad for 100k miles.


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