‘I became a biker at 53’!!

Being a country kid from a small Kentish village my first means of independence was my cycle and I loved it, it meant fun and freedom and a gang of us would always be out and about.  So I’m surprised in retrospect I didn’t take to motorcycling at a young age – don’t think my Dad would have approved though.  At 17 I had my first beaten up old 1965 mini with a dubious subframe partially attached, well it was only £60 and my 4 wheeled days had begun.  It was only when my son in his early teens had a mate with 5 acres of ground and picking him up one afternoon was given a bumpy off road experience that I thought of biking again, it was fun!!

Christal with 'Mr Pickle' Honda cbf 125cc

Christal with ‘Mr Pickle’ Honda cbf 125cc

So when my husband (a biker in his teens but moving onto 4 wheels in his early 20’s ) decided in his mid 40’s with a job move to congested Croydon, that the only way to still see each other would be if he purchased a motorbike for his commute.

Wasn’t long before I was pillion on days out at the weekend and apart from the very first mile where he nearly lost me off the back at Staplehurst railway bridge, I was hooked!  We holidayed at home and abroad but the bug to ride myself only really came when my 22 year old daughter said she would like to try, so we had a 2 hour experience session on 125cc bikes and booked our CBT’s .

Day out with 'Mr Pickle' Honda CBF 125cc

Day out with ‘Mr Pickle’ Honda CBF 125cc

I then purchased a sharing Honda CBF 125cc – aka Mr Pickle – and rode approx 1500 miles on my short work commute to Tunbridge Wells and fun days with friends at weekends .

Phoenix Motorcycles, under the wonderful tutorage of Mark Jaffe, then offered a try a big bike session and all my fears of weight /power /size subsided, it was true what friends has said I did feel safer on the bigger bike.  Mod 1 and mod 2 were booked for the cold week of 20th December 2014 and on passing I purchased my Yamaha MT-07 after a wonderful day at the NEC Birmingham Bike show which was great, you could sit on everything all in one place and find the best fit.

Christal with her Mod 2 certificate, one very happy lady!

Christal with her Mod 2 certificate, one very happy lady!

So at 53 I became a biker!!

Finally picked “ARNIE“ up over the Christmas holidays and have been riding approx 2 times per week up till now and my first trip abroad is planned in April to Brugge, I would love to think I could join the Morocco fun the lads have enjoyed over the last few winters, we shall see !!!

Christal and Yamaha MT-07 'ARNIE' !

Christal and Yamaha MT-07 ‘ARNIE’ !

What a great achievement Christal we hope to see you in the Pyrenees on ‘Arnie’ sometime in the future!

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