From the fens to the Pyrenees

This week saw an old school friend of Mrs PMT return for her third visit this time with her husband, son, son’s friend and ‘Marvin’.  With very mixed weather and the threat of rain each day they were all still keen to get out there and enjoy the three ride outs on the fantastic roads the Pyrenees offers.  On their last day Will and Tom (two local lads) joined us for the ride to Col de Menté at a height of 1349m.  We would like to thank Will for taking some good action shots of the days ride.


Col de Menté is a challenging route with some very tight hairpins

Two VFR's

Lorraine and Barry on their red Honda VFR, closely followed by ‘Alvin’on his white Honda VFR

James on his Honda CBR600

James taking a good line on his Honda CBR600 (Mr PMT in the background)

Honda Fireblade and BMW

Christopher, concentrating hard, on his Honda Fireblade followed by Tom on a BMW 1200GS

BMW GS1200

Tom joined us for the rideout on a BMW GS1200

Taking in the beautiful views at Col de Menté

James, ‘Malcolm’ (Kelvin), Lorraine, Barry, Christopher and Tom taking in the beautiful views at Col de Menté


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